Take your chance and join us for unique diving experience!

At the Aquae Vivae  you can have a unique experience in the scuba diving pool, with scuba diving gear (complete diving gear: mask, breathers, fins, bottle, diving instruments, buoyancy compensator, regulator…). Begin your scuba diving course at the pools and finish it at the sea.
For all lovers of free diving we also hold course for beginners, called Apnea ( mask, breathers, fins). These diving courses are available for adults, and children from 8 years.

The diving pool is 23 m² in area, and 4.5 m deep. The side walls are painted with deep sea motifs, hence the pleasant experience of underwater diving.

Our diving school is in partnership with the “Diving Centre, Zaron”, for more information and arrangements of diving courses, contact the “Diving Centre, Zaron” at www.zaron.hr.